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Tyre Air Checkers

Tyre Air Checkers
Ref: 385/PSI..
DO YOU LIKE GOING TO THE GARAGE AND PAYING TO USE THE AIRLINE TO FIND THAT THEY ARE OK or would you rather prefer to take a quick walk around the car and just see if you NEED to blow up the tyres
With Aircheckers you can do just that with the reassurance that you or your family are safe going out in the car

Did you know that if your Tyre Pressures are incorrect then not only do you cause expensive tyre wear, but you also affect the Steering, Braking and stopping distances which can cause you to lose control of the car.

You can save the cost of the Aircheckers many times over just in not having to prematurely change your tyres.
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Blister Packed in Axle sets for 2 wheels

Price: 7.15



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